Space planning

We prefer to do space planning in 3D rather than 2D such that you can get a true feel for the space.

Through space planning we explore one or multiple layouts for a room, as well as determine best size and number of furniture pieces for an optimum flow. This ofcourse based on the required functions of the room (e.g. a bedroom only for sleeping, or also with a reading corner, or desk, etc.).

Below example shows the space planning for a dressing room-come-office. These clients were looking to integrate a home office either in their new bedroom or dressing room. The bedroom was less preferred as they really wanted that to be a relaxing space. However, they were not sure how to integrate the office into the dressing room without feeling like they were working inside a wardrobe.

Through a smart arrangements of the wardrobe cupboards we created a separate office corner. Thanks to this space planning exercise the decision quickly made!

For space planning we don’t take into account style and color. We can do that as part of our “styled 3D visuals” service. Have a look here what what that looks like for this dressing room/office!

In the next example, the clients were unsure how to position their bed whilst still having space to integrate wardrobes in this sloped ceilinged attic bedroom. Through this exercise (where up to 5 different 3D layouts were created) they were pleasantly surprised to learn that not only did they have ample space for a wardrobe, they could even integrate a full dressing room, AND a desired hobby corner for sewing.