A moodboard represents the mood, vibe, atmosphere you want to create in a room. This is achieved through various elements like furniture style(s), color palette, accessories, materials & fabrics used.

After getting to know you and the wishes you have for the room(s) to be styled, we generate one or multiple moodboards. We do this digitally, so we can quickly change out items, colors, etc. to fine-tune the vibe until you are 100% happy. If necessary this can be complemented with real samples (e.g. fabric swatches for curtains).

With this moodboard you will have all you need to shop your look together. Or of course you can also complement with our “shopping” service and we’ll collect the look for you!

Or we can even style a 3D model for you!

Below a few examples of moodboards in various styles and colour palettes.