The garden as extension of the interior

Due to the Corona pandemic people have a stronger desire to be more connected to nature. Being forced to spend so much time at home, don’t we want every space to be as enjoyable as possible? Why not make our garden as comfortable a place to hang out as our living room? A cosy, warm, inviting space for maximum relaxation and enjoyment. Yes, truly an extension of the interior, with a good dose of green for increased well-being!

The design for this walled, Brussels’ city garden of about 95 m2 took into account the creation of 3 main areas: (1) outdoor lounge/living area; (2) green/play space for kids; (3) outdoor kitchen/dining area.

Where possible we maintained the beautiful features, original to the house dating from 1898 in order to create a space with soul and character: the wall stayed, in the original brick stone color, a small patron saint statue built into the wall was kept, the stone balustrade was renovated and painted. As for vegetation, everything was removed with exception of a magnolia tree, which was made a feature at the hight of the wooden lounge deck in the back.

For materials we chose a combination of various woods, natural stone, and concrete. For furniture we decided to upcycle 2nd hand pieces. A beautiful design does not always have to be expensive and new. At the contrary, integrating some “lived” pieces adds character, and on top, recycling/upcycling is a way to contribute to a better planet. 

The hero item of the garden is the Kamado BBQ sunk in a custom outdoor kitchen made of concrete U blocks and wood.