Inspired by nature

This bedroom is truly on-trend with it’s nature inspired theme.

The brief for this room was to create a relaxing & luxurious environment with a strong connection to nature and travel. This was achieved by combining a green and golden color palette with rough wooden & metal elements.

The luxurious golden yellow headboard was complemented with a bold tropical mural. The green walls -matched to the color in the mural- and the authentic wooden elements like the DIY floor lamp and world map add warmth, and vintage elements like the mirror and armchair bring a good dose of character. Golden, green & black accessories complete the look.

“In the past, our bedroom was just a place to sleep. Now it’s a place where we like to be, an extension of our living area. We love the cosy, warm atmosphere that was created by combining a warm green color, with natural and travel inspired elements, whilst at the same time having a ‘wow’ effect through golden elements and the beautiful golden yellow headboard against an amazing mural. We also love how several vintage elements – which hold emotional value for us – have been integrated so well in the design. We love to travel and since that is not an option now (due to the pandemic), it feels like we are bringing the outside world into the bedroom. Tamara did a splendid job, from the design all the way to the purchase of key furniture and decoration pieces! I even sleep better since this room got restyled!

— Tom V.H. —