Hi! I’ve decided to follow my passion and start a 2nd career: Creating Beautiful, Atmospheric HOMES with and for people.

I’ve always loved it! I have been renovating and decorating our lovely Maison de Maître in Brussels for years on end. Yes, we Belgians do love a bit of DIY 😁. And now my hobby turned into my dream job!

My Italian husband has been (and still is!) a great partner, putting up with all my creative ideas and helping to execute them with his excellent craftsman skills 😊. Together we have an energetic young boy and two adorable cats.

I love getting to know people, and co-creating unique interiors which are a reflection them. This process of creating a “home” together combines my passion for people, with my love for beautiful, warm, authentic interiors.

On top, did you know that an interior which is tailored to the individuals’ personal memories and emotions has a proven impact on one’s wellbeing? Many studies prove that living, eating, sleeping, spending time in a place that feels good, feels right, feels authentic to you, makes you feel happier.

Whether you have a 2.000 or 50.000 budget, my mission is for everyone to feel that sense of peace, fall in love with where they live and simply feel good in their home!

Design is not only about the look. I love thinking about the various functions in the room and ensuring we can maximise the use of spaces, which is especially important in cities where space is often more limited, but also more so in current pandemic times where people are spending more time at home. E.g. combinations dining room/office, living room/kids play corner & toy storage, bedroom/yoga space, etc.

I also love to bring some soul and character into an interior, by adding personal touches, travel mementos, or by blending “old” items with new ones, or by adding upcycled vintage items to the mix. Of course this also depends very much on the style & atmosphere you want to create.

Just in case you wonder what I did the first half of my career, keep reading 😁.

After completing an engineering degree, I worked at Procter & Gamble, primarily focused on Packaging Innovation and consumer understanding, for 17+ years. What I loved most about my job was the opportunity to work with people from many different backgrounds and cultures, all over the world, including lots of travelling and even living in various parts of the world (USA, China, Czech Republic). The skill set I obtained by working with many different personalities and managing complex global projects, are extremely valuable in interior design, which is all about understanding the wishes and concerns of the people I work with, and collaboratively managing the various aspects of small or bigger scale re-stylings.